Mass Effect Sequel Novel Titled

Del-Rey Books and author Drew Karpyshyn have announced the title of the second volume in the Mass Effect series of novels: Mass Effect: Ascension. Set between the first and second game, the novel will arrive in Summer 2008.

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wil4hire4731d ago

so excited.

no really..

power of Green 4731d ago

You act like MSFT slapped you to a corner pushed you over a desk and had their way with you from the back side. lol

Bladestar4730d ago

ohh don't worry... Sony is releasing a book based on lair too.

It's titled... Lair: Flop lords.

MK_Red4731d ago

While novel would be great, I want the sequel for the game. ME story was much more than a novel and hopefully with it's success, they get to release the complete trilgy.

SJL4804731d ago

I for one am excited about this. I heard the HALO novels were awesome. I haven't read any of either series yet but the Mass Effect story was vaguely familiar to an Alastair Reynolds book I once loved.

Revelation Space

Zhuk4731d ago

I am looking forward to the next novel, the first one was a good read for sci fi fans and helped to set the stage of the game.

Mass Effect is definitely the most exciting new IP established this year, I cannot wait for another game from Bioware

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