Vii 2 is Here

The Vii has sold so well in China that the next incarnation is about to arrive. What will Nintendo do about this?

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beoulve4050d ago

lol they should make it look like xbox 360 or PS3... they starting to have their own model.. it sux bad.

Laexerias4050d ago

its faked by both shapes of the wii and the ps3.

Prismo_Fillusion4050d ago

I just bought the original too.
Video game consoles' lives are so short these days.

Ju4050d ago

I like how they use "Vii2(TM)". As if someone would try to copy this, dare you! Like a "Wee", or so.

solar4050d ago

why does the mote look like a feminine toy? i think i see a vein...

Spydiggity4050d ago

It does look a lot like a penis. But you know, that's good marketing. People are subconsciously drawn to sex organs. Didn't you ever notice a gatorade bottle is shaped an awful lot like a penis too?

Keyser4050d ago

Bubbles for crackin me up!!!

n00dl3s4049d ago

omg vibrate is listed as a feature!

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The story is too old to be commented.