Gabe Newell: "Let's have things a little more baked" before revealing it to fans - on Half-Life 3

GB : Gabe Newell does not like to mislead people, and when it comes to Half-Life, it has to be extremely tough for him to talk about it all the time to journalists, or fans mailing him for answer.

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VenomCarnage893258d ago

Now I know why it looks like he has the munchies so much.

On topic, this is the way I'd prefer it, I hate when games are announced and they either change completely by the time they release, or they are still like 2 years from being released. Half Life 3 should be amazing though, can't wait.

ATi_Elite3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

In reality how do you make a follow up to one of the greatest games ever made?

That's a lot of pressure and i'm sure whatever they make will be judge against the God-Like prowess of HL2 and don't forget HL1 is in the same top 10 list of greatest games ever too.

Lots of pressure on Valve so i dont blame them if Day of Defeat 2 or Ricochet 2 or a new IP gets released before HL3.

HL3 has to be the most anticipated game ever in the history of Video Games even more so than the 10 year wait for Starcraft 2 and Diablo III.

For those who don't know Half Life has been the ultimate game changer on both of it's releases so HL3 has to push Gaming forward or it will be considered a failure.

Can Valve create Perfection for a 3rd time? Only time will tell (Unfortunately VALVE TIME)!

NYC_Gamer3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Half Life 3 will be announced a couple of years after next gen consoles are released

Nozzle3258d ago

Oh come on Valve, we've waited long better be announced at this E3.

"whereas we have so many games that people really love – Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, not a whole lot of Ricochet enthusiasts out there, and at the same time we want to be making sure that those games and those stories and those characters are moving forward while also making sure that we don’t just get into terminal sequelitis.”"

Funny the characters in L4D2, compared to L4D, sucked. If they really cared about pushing characters forward they would of stuck to the old characters for L4D2.

Honestly, this "reason" behind the lack of HL3 news better be good and I mean really good, a way where everyone would go "Oh I totaly understand, no wonder they couldn't say anything"

Game4life3257d ago

they wouldnt have killed bill then. :(
Bill was an awesome old guy but not as awesome as Zoey or anyone else. Comparign both casts of left 3 dead the first one easily kills the second in the character department


Plagasx3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

I gave up on expecting any Half-Life 3 info 2 years ago.

SleazyChimp3258d ago

How about they expand their company, hire more people to get things out the door. Seems as though Valve can only work on one project at a time. Why not hire in some more talent and get a couple of in house groups together that can get projects finished. Take a look at what Naughty Dog is doing, they managed to divide into two teams to work on two separate Ips and the quality of their games doesn't appear to have taken a hit!

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The story is too old to be commented.