Chronicles of Riddick was almost a "Devil May Cry rip-off", reveals producer

Producer Ian Stevens of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay reveals, startlingly, that the much lauded action game almost become a "Devil May Cry rip-off." Didn't cave to pressure.

The team ignored the dissenters and pushed ahead, releasing an Xbox hit with an 89 metacritic score. It could have "blown up in our face" and led to them all being fired.

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SimpleSlave3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Good for them and for us. More developers should follow their ideas and stop worrying about what is going to sell. A lot of games that sell, and become famous, end up being ideas that nobody wanted to begin with. Even Activision didn't want to do Modern Warfare because they thought nobody would buy it.

By the way Rocksteady Batman is not based on a movie and it is not a fact that it is better than Butcher Bay.

Just saying


hudsoniscool3089d ago

ya i dont think batman aa is better than riddick. AC is though.

SimpleSlave3089d ago

I am still partial to Butcher Bay since it not only was one of the best games last gen, but it also has passed the test of time.

But ultimately one or the other, it doesn't matter. I am just glad both are not a carbon copy of the other and because of that we have two great games.


gypsygib3089d ago

I don't know why the suits think they know how make good games. All they see is one popular game and then tell devs to copy that.

kevnb3089d ago

who the heck cares what it got on metacritic? Its all about sales and if people actually liked the game. Why do bloggers and journalists delude themselves over critic scores? They dont do it for music or movies, why video games?

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