Metal Gear Solid 4 - Games Radar hands on

Games Radar writes:

"It is, in short, a reflection of its producer, Hideo Kojima - an idiosyncratic, frustrating, flawed and endlessly entertaining kaleidoscope of comedy, invention and barbarity that entirely defies neat categorization. And as such, it's still on track to be the most important, and exciting game of 2008."

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Relcom4730d ago

yes sir, no one puts more attention to detail than Kojima.

TwissT4730d ago

I hope so man... I hope so.

pornflakes4730d ago

Cant wait for this game! I love the Metal Gear Series expext of MGS3 which was a little disappointment.

I hope they will improve the graphics.. the textures exept of Snake doesn't look that fine. Uncharted looks much better in terms of graphics.

Let's hope for a perfect gameplay, thats it!

Rice4730d ago

Dam, i wish this game will come out already!

osirisomeomi4730d ago

This looks like a GOTY candidante.

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The story is too old to be commented.