Logic3 SoundStation 3 PS3 Speakers: Review

PS3 Blognet reviews:

"Before I move on to the performance of the speakers, I have to say they look pretty damn cool next to my black HDTV.

They also match the PS3's piano-black finish, mirror strip and curves, and as you can see from the pictures below, they fit in perfectly with my other AV equipment that take pride of place in my living room.

The left speaker has the equaliser switch where you can choose between Movie, Game and Music. Strangely, out of the 3 settings, I prefer Game for playing games, listening to music and watching movies. Everything sounds clearer. It also has a very cool looking blue light when you turn it on."

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LJWooly4730d ago

I'm happy enough with the built-in speakers on my HDTV, as i'm not too picky about sound quality, but MAN do I want these speakers... *drools*

If only I had the money to burn...

Stoned Alone4730d ago

why buy an hdtv if youre only going to live in a stereo world?

Arkham4730d ago

Looks good but the set's missing a headphone jack. I looked up a few reviews and the product page but didn't find that feature listed.

LJWooly4730d ago

There's only ONE way to play videogames... OUT LOUD, BABY.

Arkham4729d ago

True, but considering its ability to plug in other devices coupled with the fact that that sometimes the wife just doesn't want to hear explosions or Rammstein at my comfort level, it would help. :)

actas1234730d ago

If u want a great sound system for a great price, get the 600W pioneer wound system. Its offered at for 100 bucks right now, down from 400 $

-SIXAXIS-4730d ago

I had the Logic3 PSP speaker and they are absolutely amazing. One of the best PSP speakers. I wouldn't expect it to be different with the PS3 speakers. Logic3 speakers are very nice and have great sound quality.

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