PSU's Wish List: Resident Evil 5

Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil 5 is not just one of the most highly anticipated games for PlayStation 3, but unequivocally one of the most eagerly awaited titles of the next few years on any console, full stop. With Information on the forthcoming horror epic currently a little on the foggy side, PSU thought they would take the time to share with you their hopes for the title (some realistic, some a little more adventurous perhaps) and nail down the cold facts of what to expect from what is surely to be one of the most accomplished videogames of the whole decade.

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Relcom4731d ago

This game is gonna be sweet. (duh! i know)

solar4731d ago

doesnt feel kinda weird to anyone else who plays the RE series to think of it on the 360? like RE:4 on the nintendo? i dunno but it just feels "wrong" on other consoles other than Sony's. maybe its because RE:1 blew me away on the ol ps1 back in the day. im not knocking the other consoles, but its just weird to me. ::shrug::

BrianC62344730d ago

Did you know Resident Evil was on the Sega Saturn? I would prefer the series stay just on the PS3 so it can be made to use the hardware like MGS4 is but I guess Capcom prefers the 360 anyway. They're pretty lazy when it comes to the PS3. I hope they prove me wrong with RE5. I really don't expect much from it. We'll see. It isn't one of my top five most anticipated games.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

In a pathetic way, but still.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

The 360 is the way of the future. All the good games will be on 360.

I personally can't replace the zombies, so I'm disappointed with Resident Evil 4 and now 5.

But 5 looks pretty sick, lead developed on XBOX 360 like everything else. Can't wait to play this on my 360, the real version not the ported version on PS3.

360 is the console this gen.

How do I know it's lead developed on 360? Because everything is. No matter what developers say, they know where the money is and in the end that's all that matters. If PS3 is lucky, they will get a well made port. If they aren't, they get crap like we've seen time and again.

That's why I know the PS3 is out of luck fool!

EZCheez4731d ago

Dumb, relentless, and annoying.

chitown4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

what happened to the ps3 lightning did u have a switch of allegience or did u just take lightning(the sony fans) name?? i havent been on this site for awhile BTW

kamakazi4731d ago

just 2 more bubbles then automatic ignore.

BrianC62344730d ago

Things are starting to shift over to the PS3. A lot of developers are seeing the light. Make the PS3 game first. Take full advantage of the hardware. Make a great game. Then port down to the 360. The 360 game won't be as good as the PS3 game doing this but the 360 game will be better than it would have been since they figured out more ways to improve it. This all comes from actual developers who work on multi-platform games.

I just hope we don't keep seeing 360 games ported to the PS3. That's a major waste of time for the developers and a waste of money for gamers. PS3 and 360 gamers will benfit from this way.

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Shenzilbur4731d ago

You are as bad as my friend who is an xbot. Do you have RROD? He has RROD (but we think that was because he dropped his 360). I hope all people like you who wish to bash the other console have their console break down and then have their warranty voided because the console was chipped as you can't be a descent person and actually buy games. - end of fanboy rant.

I'd be interested in seeing more of this game. I haven't played any other Resident Evils but they sound good lol.

marionz4730d ago

judging by your comment you are as much as a troll as he is, pathetic

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