Gaming Website to Raise Money for Leukemia Patient

A touching story, as the founder of Sarcastic Gamer appeals to the gaming community to raise a small sum of money to provide an Xbox 360 for his young friend.

From the article: "For a couple of years now, I have been friends with the most amazing young lady. Victoria (Tori) is 15, and is in the middle of her THIRD bout with leukemia. Those of you who are GCN regulars might remember that we did a game drive for Tori last year, that yielded amazing results and made her REALLY long stay in the hospital much more comfortable. After she beat her leukemia she relapsed, but not before she gave all of the games that were donated to her, to other kids who were still in treatment."

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beoulve4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

It's christmas, everybody deserve a christmas spirit. $15 from me and hopefully the kid can recover.

JSA-Gamer4730d ago

You're awesome man. Pictures will be posted later when she receives her gift.

wageslave4730d ago

It is a nice sentiment for sure, but it may have been smarter to give the Xbox 360 to the Hospital instead of just one girl.

Maybe he'll raise enough for 2.

JSA-Gamer4730d ago

I'm willing to bet that Victoria will be donating this back to someone else when she gets through what she's going thru

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LGFreedom4730d ago

What a great cause. I'm happy to know that my donation will directly affect someone for christmas! Merry Xmas Tori!!!

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