TGS06: HD-DVD Demo

In the part of the conference focused on accessories, XBOXYDE had a sneek peek of the 360 HD-DVD reader, done with the help of a classic masterpiece, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Image was sharp and price was sweet: ¥19.500, about $160 in the US. Can't wait for the "real" US price...

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richie007bond5854d ago

hd dvd will win mark my words,its common sense really,price, familer name,quailty,movie studio surport,intel, microsoft and being the offical next gen dvd......

signal3605854d ago

"done with the help of a classic masterpiece" <-- lol you got to be kidding! (: But the menu options are nice. (: I had the first HD-Dvd player on the market but took it back because of bugs. I surely hope this one will be pretty close to bug free on release.