gamrReview: Super Stardust Delta review

Gordon Bryant says: "The shoot 'em up genre really hasn't evolved much since Asteroids came out in 1979, and it really doesn't need to. Like the shark or a spider, some designs endure through the ages and require little-to-no changes to adapt to the modern era. Super Stardust Delta is a shining example of why some genres don't really need to evolve to remain fun. There may not be anything revolutionary or groundbreaking here, but everything Super Stardust Delta does, it does very well."

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MisterPickles23620d ago

Those graphics are GORGEOUS! I don't have much money, but Vita is tempting me...

Luc203620d ago

Getting this game day1. One of the games you can easily play on the train/tube to work!

resistance1003620d ago

Can't wait for this. Especially since it's only going to cost me £1.69 with the voucher you get with the pre-order pack here.

lugia 40003620d ago

Day 1 with the extra dlc.

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