Toys R Us game deals - Feb. 19 - $20 gift card with PS Vita games, accessories

XMNR: The Toys R Us game deals for the week of February 19, 2012 is dominated by the launch of the PS Vita just like other retailers. The toy retailer's Vita offer entails a $20 gift card that comes with the purchase of $50 or more in games or accessories for Sony's latest handheld gaming device. You'll also find $10 off the regular price for Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

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ryuuk2435d ago

I work at ToysRus, gonna use my discount card woot!

jonnyp7772435d ago

wow, already regretting getting the 32gb card to go mostly digital. only 39.99 (about 43 ish with tax) vs 44.99 on psn. What the heck? and spend 10 more dollars and get a $20 gift card. grrr. guess, i'm mostly paying for not having to switch game cards out rather than saving on the games themselves. although, with sony rewards on the playstation card, i get a little back.

BubloZX2435d ago

For all those vita haters out there they are giving you 2 to 4x the memory for the vita then the 3ds. I got the 3g model which came with 250mb of free data, an 8 gig, and a free PSN game all for $299 plus tax. all that extra stuff cost about $60-$70 dollars.