Gamesblog's Best and Worst Games of '07 and Potential Hits of '08

Keith Stuart writes, "These two categories neatly dovetail into each other: the titles that we once looked forward to, and the ones that, despite having been let down in the past, we're still getting our hopes up about. Lots of voting here and many different games mentioned, but there were some runaway winners."

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wiizy4731d ago

the wii has plenty of upcoming 08 im waiting

Kleptic4731d ago

Bioshock is being regarded as overrated?...possibly a little...but I wouldn't say it as disappointing after reading the reviews...

that nod, imo, would go to Halo 3...fantastic reviews on a game that is only marginally better than the 3 year old Halo 2...and, unlike Halo 2, Halo 3 has huge competition as far as online console gaming goes now...