PS Vita for $149 with HandHeld Trade-In Features in Best Buy Video Game Deal of the Week.

Daily Game Sales: Best Buy have launched their video game deals of the week. This weeks deals include a free copy of Just Dance Summer Party with the purchase of a Just Dance 3 or a Nintendo Wii and $50 off the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle.

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Noctis3445d ago

"Maximum trade-in value is $100 for a Nintendo 3DS in good condition."

nothing to see here guys, unless you want to get rid of your 3ds.

Veneno3445d ago

So I can't trade in a pSP go or anything else? Well I don't know it you saw the other sale, but you get an extra 40% trade in on games towards a Vita. That's pretty damn good too.

Newsman3445d ago

Any handheld, the max you can get is $100 for the 3DS.

Newsman3445d ago

Yep. Does the PS Vita offer more than the 3DS??

Tanir3445d ago

more gamees, better tech, more services, better control. so yep.

3ds imo will be worth it once more games come out. it just started getting games after its first 6 months.

also with the lack of the 2nd analogg games like MGS3 and resident evil dont play well, so have to wait for the complete 3ds with dual analog or just buy the 2nd analog extension

NukaCola3445d ago

Somethings more.

But it's really different. The Vita has features and games the 3DS doesn't have and the 3DS has things the Vita doesn't have.

It's not really a matter of preference. Not like you're getting mulitplats on one or the other. You will get totally fidderent games and experiences on both.

I the Vita does offer dual thumbsticks, rear touchpad, facebook, twitter and other social apps. There's 3G available and cross play between PS3 games. Remote play etc. I think a really big perk is Vita games offer trophies and PSN(SEN) is fully integrated.

nikoado3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

@ NukaCola

I gave you a bubble for typing "fidderent" instead of different.

That typo made me chuckle out loud :)

GraveLord3445d ago

The dual analog sticks alone is a game changer IMO. The amazing graphics are just a plus. Vita will be getting tons of amazing games in the coming months such as

-Assassins Creed
-Call of Duty

None of these available on 3DS!

MaxXAttaxX3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Overall, yes. Yes it does.

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hellztourguide4203445d ago

It still doesn't beat Target which has buy 2 get 1 free on ALL Vita games...not to mention they are gonna throw in a free 4gb memory card with the purchase of a wi-fi system. Too bad Gamestop doesnt price match cuz i would like to support them, but i gotta do what i gotta do

clrlite3445d ago

Another lame trade in "deal". As usual, you can get more selling on ebay, craigslist, to a friend, etc. That way both parties make out anyway :D