Game Informer's Ten For 2008 - Nintendo

Game Informer writes:

"Sure, 2007 was a phenomenal year in video games. But to be honest, that's so almost last year. We've got a long break ahead of us which means we'll be blowing through everything for 2007. So we're looking to 2008 to be an even bigger year in video games than this year. Don't believe us? Take a look at what's coming down the pipe next year. Sure there are a lot of games that haven't been announced yet, but add a little speculation, a sprinkle of hope and you get our grand list of the Top 10 Games for 2008.

We decided to mix it up this year for our annual feature and talk directly to the developers and find out why they're excited about their game, and why they feel gamers should be excited. Special thanks to all the developers who took the time out of their busy holiday development schedule to talk with us!

Games are in alphabetical order. With out further ado, we give you our picks for the Top 10 for 2008 – Nintendo."

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Jinxstar4731d ago

Brawl, Samba de Amigo Okami and Kart look good.... Nintendo needs to get on its A game. Not refering to sales or anything. 99% of their games blow...

ItsDubC4731d ago

Can't wait for the next Advance Wars.

MK_Red4731d ago

Can't wait for Samba de Amigo. Also, hopefully people buy Okami this time. I still can't believe it didn't sell on PS2.

As for Wii Fit being on the list... (Goes and throws up).