Retro games still worth playing

MSN Games contributor Duncan Jeffries finds out which of the thousands of retro games making a comeback are still worth playing...

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bubwright3618d ago

sonic!! this game will live forever. dont know if i can say this about any recent gen games

ATi_Elite3618d ago

Sonic the Hedgehog gets played once a month at least by me cause it's such a SUPER CLASSIC!

I play Pac Man every time it pops up on Google!

Street Fighter 2 gets some play as well along side Gaiares which is the hardest side scrolling schmup ever.

Half Life 2 is another classic i routinely play cause it's just so dam good and it just out classes most games today.

Stansolo3618d ago

11 retro consoles I own all set up in a media unit (all nice and tidy). I play a retro game most days and I enjoy retro more than this console gen.
Sonic is a legend of a game and so is mario but there are better games that blow you away.

deno3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

You better believe it. Retro games are where it's at for me. I grew up on sonic, mario, streets of rage, vectorman, turtles in time and xmen 2 for sega genesis. Still have my genesis and snes.