Hands-On With PS3 Blu-ray Profile 1.1 and Resident Evil: Extinction

According to TheManRoom:
"This past Tuesday, Sony released the latest Playstation 3 firmware upgrade highlighted by much-coveted Blu-ray Profile 1.1. Rushing to download the firmware isn't of much use until January 1 when the first Profile 1.1 Blu-ray Discs arrive in stores. That is, unless you get one of the discs early. Which is exactly what we did with Resident Evil: Extinction." ...

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xboxdread4730d ago

this proves one point the ps3 can't do anything without glitches

achira4730d ago

i see your xbox has a rrod again.

bososakoo4730d ago

don't be mean i heard they change the red rings into some christmas rings

goty4730d ago

will remain ignorant until they put their hands on a ps3, then they will become in agony

Chug4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Its pretty amazing how xbots can come in here & talk sh!t about the ps3's blu ray player abilities when their console of choice can barely play dvd's. And to talk about "glitches", keep in mind that patches can fix this, but there will never be a patch than can fix faulty hardware. (You know what I'm talking about).

Edit: Lol @ the bot below. If you expect people to take you seriously, then maybe you should start stating facts, there isn't even one in your comment below.

WilliamRLBaker4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

xbots will remain ignorant (yes because we all know sonytards are all knowing right) and they will become agony?

LOL and people get mad being called sonytard yet thats the reason you and they will become agony!!!!

and patches you wanna talk about patches? you mean the ones where sony releases about 15 a week for the ps3 to either fix earlier patches or add in stuff that should have been included from the start? lol Even computer programs dont get as many patches as the ps3 does...its on like its 50th patch since its

And the 360 plays dvds much better then the ps3, the interface is better and the quality too, I dont use my ps3 to play dvds infact Id rather use my Ps2 to play dvds then the ps3.

unlimited4730d ago

Wow, This is coming from a xbox360 owner?? lmao..the 360 cant even play a game without crapping it..heck even a simple update will crash it. Do I have to mention disk readin errors, over heating and etc..Its the other way around you should be saying it to your 360..

CrazyJ4730d ago

I'm guessing you either A. have a crappy TV. B. Don't actually patch your PS3. C. You care more about aesthetics than quality.

If it's A. then I understand why you think the PS3 is a crappy dvd player. Its interface if you don't have the stand alone remote isn't that great. Although I don't understand why you'd want to use a ps2 over a ps3 since their menus are the same.

However ever since 1.8 on a HD TV the PS3's DVD playback quality is way better than any other console. I dare you to do an actual comparison.

As for patches? You want to talk about patches lets talk about Windows.. That thing has more patches then you can shake a stick at and we're not talking about patches that add functionality. I also think your blowing the amount of patches for the PS3 out of proportion its more like 12 not 50. The only patch issues I have with sony is when they patch and it breaks things so they have to repatch. That happened twice so far and shows they need a little more testing before they release each patch. Yes its true a lot of stuff they've added should have been there from the start but software takes time to develop and apparently Sony did not start soon enough. Would you rather they not patch and make the system stale? I suppose you would if your a xbox fan boy as that would mean less competition.

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pschampion4730d ago

not exactly maybe the disc doesn't allow this feature
anyway the ps3 can upgraded to handle this task instantly

pschampion4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

buddies what i meant to say is those guys at sony can't handle things right, they always have to do mistakes then rectify them
they are amateurs, sony to replace some of its crew
because the playstation 3 is a great machine
but sometimes they screw it up

bososakoo4730d ago

i have to agree with you on this, sometimes becomes frustrating
i am a real sony fan but they should start doing something about it
i don't want to complain they have been doing a great work lately mainly on the psstore
so keep up the good work

goty4730d ago

really you need to stop whining sony is doing a great job
and my guess is that this guy didn't know how to play the f* feature

xboxdread4730d ago

i am glad to see a sony fanboy(no offense buddy) finally give in and say sony suxs big time

millerlite4730d ago

The article says there's a problem with THE MOVIE, not the PS3!!! The only problem is that the audio switches from 5.1 to stereo when the PIP feature comes on. That's probably because THE AUDIO OF THE COMMENTARY WAS RECORDED IN STEREO!!!

Stop the fanboy stuff.

Chriswsm4730d ago

cos my PS3 now plays DIVX, I have just tested it and it works.

I can finally watch my movie collection on my HDTV without trailing a DVI to HDMI lead all that way ;op

whoelse4730d ago

I heard that when you get a red ring of death now, Microsoft give you a complimentary bag of Hula-Hoops.

Maybe its just the disc which is causing problems here. Anyway better than Profile 1.0.

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