GameTrailers Kicking Off GOTY Next Week

Kotaku - Brian Crecente, Thu Dec 20 2007:

Starting on Wednesday, Dec. 26, GameTrailers will being rolling out video coverage for the five nominees in the 28 categories that make up the site's Game of the Year awards.

This year GT's awards include twenty-eight categories, with two new ones "TV Spot of the Year" and "Best New Franchise". The Game of the Year will be named by the site on Jan. 1.

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LJWooly4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Expect Halo 3 to be Gametrailers' GOTY.

MK_Red4734d ago

I hope not. BioShock, COD4, Orange Box and ME should come first.

LJWooly4733d ago

Yeah, I know they should, but they never do. Microsoft really got their viral marketing under everyone's scalp, and Gametrailers probably recieved a nice big, fat, gift pack from MS, just like every other reviewer did.