Top 5 must have multi-format games next month (March 2012)

Here's a list of five must have console games that no gamer should do without next month. Agree or disagree, these should be great value and perhaps will make you forget about how cold it is outside, flu, impending bills and the fact that January was almost completely devoid of releases.

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Sanetoshi4481d ago

Is it bad that I'm more excited for the HD remakes of Silent Hill 2 and 3 than I am for Silent Hill Downpour?

NukaCola4481d ago

Not at all but that is your opinion. I think from what I saw, the new SH:DP looks really interesting. Gave the town an open Arkham City feel with side missions and exploration. I like the survival horror in it as well. It's still a mindf*ck supernatural horror game but giving the player a little more play room. And after the travesty of what Resident Evil has become, I am welcoming something fresh.

RaidensRising4481d ago

I wish I could afford all of those, but having played the demo of Snakeater on the 3DS I want that as well.

ShadesMoolah4481d ago

Ahh a busy month at long last. All of those games should cater to most tastes. Although i notice the lack of Fps game this month.

Capt-FuzzyPants4481d ago

Don't worry I'm sure there will be an overload of FPS games just about every other month.

beremy_jeadle4481d ago

All of those games are sequels, its a shame there is no new ip's to look forward to these days.

ShadesMoolah4481d ago

Streetfighter x Tekken is a new IP.

beremy_jeadle4481d ago

Well technically, but gamers are pretty used to streetfighter and tekken games.

Play2Win4480d ago

new IP?? - Hell even my grandma knows Tekken and Streetfighter ...

Mikefizzled4480d ago

Does that mean Tekken X Street Fighter Is a new IP when it finally gets released :P

KentBlake4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )


Sorry, but it's not. It's just 2 old IPs thrown together.

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anast82d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


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Vits213d ago

I mostly disagree with Downpour's position. Yeah, the game is not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but is much better than the HD Collection and Homecoming. The main issue is the performance, but that was mitigated by the patches, especially on the PS3. Personally, I put it a little behind Origins and The Room.

Having Restless Dreams as a different entry from Silent Hill 2 is also a choice.

bfrye26213d ago

Normally, we would not consider it a different game (Restless Dreams), but since it had a very different critical reception and had new content, it was allowed. As for Downpour, I would agree, but since that one is subjective, we let him make his case for the placement.

gold_drake213d ago

silent hill 2 is definitely the best one out of those.

for me personally, the whole ritual/cult stuff was always so weird to me in all the other games.

CrimsonWing69213d ago

No disrespect but I put SH2 over 1. 1 is fantastic, but 2 took it all up a level.

bfrye26212d ago

We agree, that is why the writer put it in top place!