Should PC Games Have Second Lives?

Matt Peckham of PC World asks:

1. Is Windows Vista actually harming PC gaming? Is it driving consumers away from buying PC games?

2. Should games have second lives? Millions of people have computers, and some ten million alone are playing an online game like World of Warcraft. But less than a tenth of a million have bought Crysis so far despite the game earning critical accolades from nearly everyone. It probably won't be any less amazing in a year or two, when the competition is finally catching up. Given the sheer number of people who won't have played it (but who will eventually upgrade to hardware that runs it properly) should games like Crysis enjoy secondary releases, i.e. Director's Cuts or Absolute Editions? Is it conceivable that a game like Crysis could eventually outsell itself (in a second marketing push) or are we locked into a consumer mindset that equates "year old" with "has been" whether we've played the game or not?

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