Specialist: Real Combat And Videogames Are The Same To A Gamer's Brain

"These video games -- gosh, they've gotten a lot more realistic over the years," says Fox 26's newscaster Ned Hibberd in the opening of a segment called Videogame Addiction on Houston's Fox station.

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HowarthsNJ4731d ago

I think our brains know the difference between death and returning to a save point to start again.

Laexerias4731d ago

is totally right. But if i hold a gun-like thing i can aim with my imaginary aiming cross. xd.

Achievement Unlocked4731d ago

eh. i know the diff between some rumble and shrapnel in my neck.

name4731d ago

Yes And real estate and monolopy are also the same thing to us. Where do these people come from?

Vojkan4731d ago

YES......if you are brain damaged, maybe then. LOL this is funny i bet this "specialists" never played single video game.

gamesR4fun4731d ago

it might put out the same brain waves and other physical responses but a sane person can tell a game form r/l so whats the point of this bs?

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