Dissidia Final Fantasy: Squall and Ultimecia featured in the game

A new scan of Dissidia: Final Fantasy from next week's V-Jump issue have surfaced online and revealed that Squall will be playable in the game. There is also a screenshot of him talking to Ultimecia.

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Darkiewonder4730d ago

I have much faith in the team and there won't be any issues when the game is released! ;o

lonestarmt4730d ago

awesome!! now put some from six or I"m sold, ahh who am I kidding I'm already sold!

f7ss14730d ago

ok i have to buy a psp now, 7 and 8 were my favorites and now i can play spin off titles on psp. yep, sold

lonestarmt4730d ago

yup this and crisis core alone make worth buying a psp for.

Relcom4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Squall is my favorite gaming character ever.

midgard2294730d ago

whats also a nice treat is seeing everyone in high quality advent children like graphics in the cinimatics, leon (squall) looks cool, although why did he gain a small skirt in the art??? on his right side? w/e lol still cool

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