Kingdom Hearts BbS: Sleeping Beauty and Cinderalla confirmed

Scans from next week's V-Jump issue have appeared online, and revealed new Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep information. The scan feature scenes that show Maleficient talking to Terra, further hinting that Sleeping Beauty will be one of the new worlds in the game. Cinderella is also confirmed.

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Darkiewonder4732d ago

Darker story please and keep it above T-rating please. thanks

Marceles4732d ago

Final Fantasy Dissidia AND Kingdom're really spoiling me Sony and Square Enix

Xemnas4732d ago

when does this game come out :)

Darkiewonder4732d ago

Square-enix works quick when it comes to Handheld games [some games] but the KH for handheld if my guess is correct should arrive in Japan Fall 2008. ;o