gamrReview: ModNation Racers Road Trip Review

Gordon Bryant writes: "I love the ModNation Racers series; its blend of cart racing infused with the play-create-share mantra introduced by Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet is a great combination for me because I love to share my work with the world, and I've wanted to design my own race tracks since I first played Mariokart in the early 90's. With the promises of ModNation Racers: Road Trip being a console experience on a handheld, I was excited to pick it up. While I can confirm that they've followed through on that promise really well, there are a few minor issues and one glaring flaw that keep this entry in the series from greatness."

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kerky3630d ago

Sounds like it's still well worth a look in if you are a kart racer fan.

Torillian3630d ago

meh I dunno, I loved the PS3 Modnation but without the online it really seems like a neutered version of the franchise.

f7897903630d ago

Yeah it really kills the value.

Does anyone know if playing the PSP Modnation on the Vita will let you play online?

Spectator13630d ago

Meh, I'll pass. Buying WipEout instead.

Rucolapesto3630d ago

looks fun! Creating tracks and all reminds me a bit of Trackmania. Too bad that they really didn't implement online play!