rFactor 2 – Build 60 Update Now Available

The rFactor 2 Beta has received a major update that includes a slew of graphical, functional, and gameplay fixes as well as many improvements that address key issues originally brought up by the testing community over at the ISI forums. While the “Build 60″ update is a significant step in the development of rFactor 2, it does not take it out of beta stage and testers are encouraged to continue reporting all bugs at the ISI Forums. ISI staff member Tim Wheatley reported that there will be future rFmod content, but as of press date it is uncertain as to when this will be made available.

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Revvin4501d ago

Still pretty disappointing. The game engine looks like something from 2007, it looks more like rFactor 1.5. Project Cars and Assetto Corsa due this year have moved to a DX11 compatible engine and will make use of laser scanned tracks as iRacing already does then it makes rFactor 2 look dated right out of the gate. I'll keep my beta purchase but I'm not sure if I'll get the use I thought I would out of it.


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North Yorkshire's Croft Circuit heading to rFactor 2 simulator

Croft, a tricky circuit based in the North of England, is set to receive its first ever laser-scan to form part of this month's rFactor 2 DLC drop.


Romain Grosjean to assist the development of rFactor 2

The current IndyCar and former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean is joining the sim racing game rFactor 2's development team as a Motorsport Games technical esports advisor.

badz149811d ago

woohoo...fiery explosions!!

Magog810d ago

So I guess the game is going to take out its team mate on the first lap then run into the pit wall.