GT5: Prologue revs up the japanese charts to 3rd place

The much anticipated release of GT5: Prologue has seen the game jump to 3rd place in the Japanese sales charts. It was the only PS3 game in the top 20 and it sold 116,000 retail copies. It will be interesting to also find out the total downloads of the game from the PLAYSTATION Store some time in the future.

GT5: Prologue is due for a North America release in February.

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The Wood4730d ago

'you wer expectin somthin di fer rent'

gamesblow4730d ago

Yeah, tis was a given... It probably hit closer to 200,000 in total sales from downloads too. Gt is a massive franchise... Anyone who thought it'd bomb, and many here did... were sadly mistaken. Just think, this is just a demo... ha!

beoulve4730d ago

keep in mind, that just retail, download version not counted yet.

sanjay094730d ago

its been out for only 3 days right? or the whole week?