Q&A: Emergent's Selzer, Johnson Rebut Epic Claims

Gamasutra recently conducted an in-depth interview with Epic's Mark Rein, spanning a variety of topics surrounding the Unreal Engine. Among the subjects discussed, Rein commented on rival Gamebryo engine developer Emergent (Oblivion), questioning both Emergent's internationalization strategy and their recent announcement that Gamebryo now supports Wii development.

Said Rein in the interview, "You hear the Gamebryo guys say, 'Well, now we run on the Wii!' Well, you always ran on the Gamecube, so it's not like... anything that runs on the Gamecube also runs on the Wii, so they made an announcement out of nothing, I guess."

Gamasutra recently spoke to Emergent chairman and CEO Geoff Selzer and president Scott Johnson, who wanted to rebut Rein's comments in some detail.

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Lumbo4730d ago

Ouch, expect Wii fans to barge in foaming at the mouth :S

>>Continues Selzer, "The point that I think Mark brought up about our Wii solution -- that Wii is basically an overclocked GameCube -- there’s some real truth to that, there's nothing incorrect about that statement."<<

Polluted4730d ago

Ouch...burn on the wii. Mark's usually very tactful.