Gamasutra's Top 10 Games Of The Year: #10 - #2

Gamasutra presents the editors' picks for the Top 10 games of this year. Gamasutra editors have collectively put their heads together to pick the titles that they believe shone the brightest during 2007. Any title released for console, PC, or handheld during the year was eligible, and they are listing only the games from #10 to #2 in this post.

Gamasutra's top game of 2007 will be revealed tomorrow, Friday (Dec 21), as part of a retrospective feature that rounds up all of their varied Top 5 and Top 10 lists in one cohesive whole.

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chester4732d ago

i must admit, i'm suprised to see Crackdown on so many of these lists. i loved the game and played the hell out of it, but i didn't think it would beat out some of the titles that it has been ranked over by some of these sites. i think most people were persuaded to buy it due to the halo3 beta, but ended up getting a great game.
i still think bioshock was the best, but i'm sure COD4 was #1 on this list.