Roboawesome: First Impressions of the PS VITA

"Allow me to put it this way. Think of the PS Vita as a downright super attractive model that you and your buddies check out on the internet. You discuss all the things you’d like to do to this person and high five. Fact of the matter is, most of these really great looking model types are super high maintenance. Sure, they make great eye candy, but you gotta spend a butt load of money on them, they bitch and complain all the time, they have to have everything their way, and in the end they won’t really do all those things you were hoping for."

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RoboRyan2528d ago

I think I'm going to hold off on buying one for at least a few months. Want to see what games come out for it and if they're any good, and hopefully by the time I'm ready to commit the price will have dropped.

Queefy_B2528d ago

The fact is has custom soundtracks for all games alone is a reason im getting day 1.

JoGam2528d ago

Seriously dude? You want to see what games are coming for it? A ton of game are coming out and are ALREADY out for it. Minis, psp, Vita games. If you dont know, now ya know!

darthv722528d ago

was at best buy. From all that i read and watched I got my chance to hold one at the store. Very impressive tech I must say.

I had my slew of questions that some were answered and others not so much. In time though i think my other questions will get answered. Such as will this unit be compatible with digital copies of movies. I know that sony movies had an option of a psp copy but not all movie studios would be so kind.

it is either itunes or windows media player in which case the vita should play either format. It just depends on if the vita supports the required DRM.

Anyways, I liked it. I can say that anything worth doing is worth doing well. That includes gaming and its cost of ownership. Nobody said this hobby was cheap but i sympathize with those who dont have the $$$ right this second (myself included) but that doesnt mean I wont ever have the $$$.

cpayne932528d ago

I seriously doubt the price will drop in just a few months. Some games would be cheaper though. I think I'll wait for Resistance and Gravity Rush to come out before getting mine since those are my most anticipated titles, even though there are still plenty of launch titles I want.

Marceles2528d ago

I swear every first comment in a PS Vita thread is "meh...I'll wait"

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Snookies122528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

I'm definitely buying one... Hot Shots looks like fun, Disgaea 3 with all DLC at an incredible price, all my downloaded PSP and PS1 games, and of course there's Gravity Daze which is a system seller for me. That game's demo was amazingly fun. I'm hoping Surge Concerto makes it to America as well.

Starbucks_Fan2528d ago

I'm buying three of them. One for myself, my cat, and my guinea pig.

darthv722528d ago

but the cat has no opposable thumbs....then again, I guess it could do well with just the buttons and touch screen.

MariaHelFutura2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Don't under-estimate cats.....

MySwordIsHeavenly2528d ago

All those other impressions didn't count...

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