Uncharted: Golden Abyss Gets a New TV Commercial

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is already in the greedy hands of many gamers in the US, while its official launch is still a few days away in Europe. Sony is celebrating the event with a new TV commercial.

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MK24ever3145d ago

Cool advertising from Sony, if we consider that one of the main reasons PlayStation become so popular were the amazing ads there was on the PS1 era, this is a good thing for Sony, cool, effective, hype generating ads for good Sony Hardware, they really need to catch peoples imagination again, and trust!

jp_footy23145d ago

"The World is in Play" is a really good slogan.
Makes it sound that if you don't get the Vita your missing out on Something.

teedogg803145d ago

Playing this right now. It's soooo damn good!

Sevir3145d ago

:-) Cant wait!!!! That commercial wasawesome! "The world is at play" is catchy!!!

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