Witcher 2 Xbox 360 console exclusivity explained

Speaking to OXM, CD Projekt has explained why the game is coming to Xbox 360 but not PS3.

Jam_sponge4247d ago

/waits six months
/picks up Witcher 2 PS3 Enhanced Enhanced Edition

360GamerFG4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

/LAGS for next 8 months.
/Internet laughs and continues playing on platforms that work

LOGICWINS4247d ago

True. I'd love a PS3 version, but not if its broken.

sikbeta4247d ago

Not an Skyrim situation here, Witcher 2 is on X360 and PC, you don't have 360, can play it on PC, if not deal with it :D

Dante1124247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

I don't think I'll end up buying this for my 360. Maybe on my PC when the price drops. Game is kinda on the bottom of my game list (I own a Ps3 too).

Edit: @ pandaboy

Lmao, did you just make that up? That's no where in the article.

undisputed4247d ago

If anything, that's a pathetic thing to say.

MsclMexican4246d ago

Well... Bethesda fully came out and said they launched the game on PS3 knowing it was broken.

But, if they actually told people that they were having trouble making it and would take longer... Im sure people would understand rather than launching a broken game... making their PS3 fans look like idiots for buying it on their preferred console.

Regret buying Skyrim since I popped it in my PS3, should have gotten PC.

I would one day like to see W2 on PS3, but if a studio says they are having trouble... I have more respect for them rather than being deceptive and lying to people

I play on PC occasionaly... I only prefer my PS3 because I feel it is more convenient.

Also don't have a decent enough rig to run W2.. and I am not buying a new laptop.

So maybe one day... but If they are not ready I respect them

AceofStaves4246d ago

/Laughs at insecure fanboys
/Continues to enjoy PS3

nix4246d ago


ThanatosDMC4246d ago

I have it on PC. Wish the game was open world than linear. I killed so many enemies.

ShinMaster4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

They're almost always on PC or playable on PS3 later on.

Sarcasm4246d ago

Meh, the PC version is the only one worth playing anyway. The same with Alan Wake, that game is terrific on the PC and its how I feel it should be played.

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coolbeans4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

I get tired of these chants on n4g. We've had cases on both sides of non-MS published games staying 360/PC and we've had more that go the 360/PS3/PC route. We know a PS3 version was up in the air a few months ago. Could fanboys for once hold back speculative words like Jam's and WAIT for a confirmation?

I'm not asking for much.

dark-hollow4247d ago

Well congrats to 360 only owners.
The witcher 2 is one of the finest games I have ever experienced on PC.

ghaleon19804246d ago

I'm sorry but N4G users piss me off sometimes. Why is dark-hollow getting so many disagrees? PS3 fanboyism much?

coolbeans4246d ago


No matter how genuine the statement may be, any phrase regarding "congrats"(or another nice term) and "to 360 owners" is going to get a ton of disagrees.

OmegaSlayer4247d ago

I didn't read the part where the game is mentioned as an exclusive...
Also...where's the only on xbox360 logo on the cover art?

coolbeans4247d ago

-"I didn't read the part where the game is mentioned as an exclusive..."

Did you miss reading where the title specifically says "console exclusivity" as well?

-"Also...where's the only on xbox360 logo on the cover art?"

The Witcher 2's been available for PC since last year.

joab7774246d ago

Its this that makes me cry. Thank goodness I bought a 360 for mass effect, now i can play this as i did skyrim with no worries. I own both consoles and play mainly on ps3, but there is no doubt that Sony really screwed up with their memory, ie. Fallout, skyrim, and now the witcher 2's absence. I guarantee it never comes to ps3, especially considering all the problems it has had with skyrim and cdprojekts issue w memory on Xbox. It is sad too because imagine what the ps3 could do if it had the xboxs memory. The next Gen better allow for, atleast a memory upgrade. If u wanna play a working rendition of a particular title, u may have to upgrade. I'm fine w this. I'm not fine w playing skyrim for 195 hours and losing all of it (which of course, i didn't because i got for Xbox).

SkyGamer4246d ago

Yeah memory limitations is what holds ps3 back. Look at the Last Remnant? Look at FF14 and probably versus13. I know the speed of the xdr is good but you still need to have actual ram, 360 almost made the same mistake if it hadn't been for Epic and Gears.

roguewarrior4246d ago

Both consoles have 512mb RAM. The 360 has one pool of 512mb DDR3. The PS3 has 256mb XDR/256mb DDR3. But the 360 has a smaller OS footprint, than the PS3. Giving Devs a tad more Ram for game development.

FreydaWright4246d ago

In reference to the 360, the developer said, "I think the memory limits were the biggest problem."

In reference to the lack of development for the PS3, the developer said, "our team isn't that large - we can't focus on three platforms at once."

So, what exactly are you arguing here?

joab7774246d ago

I'm just saying that with a small team that referenced memory issues on the 360, i can't imagine after seeing skyrim on the ps3 that this "small team" will want to tackle the foreign architecture that is the ps3, especially considering how developers have mentioned that they don't love the divided memory so much. I'm doin a little reading between the lines. I'm pretty sure this wasn't an exhaustive interview on all the reasons in the world that it wasn't made for ps3. But i guess posting isn't for exploring the article as much as for picking apart every detail of someone else's post.

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SockeyBoy4246d ago

Just think, the Xbox 360 people are going to make CD Pro a bit of money off this release, so their company might expand if the $$$ rolls in. I think future games of Cd Pro will me multi-platform.

zeddy4246d ago

its probably for the best, i dont want yet another crappy port.

MazzingerZ4246d ago

Yeah, mention the last "big" 360 exclusive that didn't come to PS3...we're not idiots

dragunrising4246d ago

The PC version is getting all the content thats is being added to the 360 version for free. I don't think that the 360 or PC versions will be left out if a PS3 port come out at some point.

If a PS3 version come out, good for PS3 only gamers.

Either way, I'm buying a version of The Witcher 2- whether 360, PC, or PS3. Got to support game development in my mother country :-)

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pandaboy4247d ago ShowReplies(3)
Vega754247d ago

I'll be picking this game up for my 360 for the achievements. I already have it for pc.

Mr Patriot4246d ago

Get a life