Burnout Paradise interview by IGN - How hardcore is the tech?

Now that Burnout Paradise is available in demo form on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, it's time to find out a little more about the online infrastructure and tech behind the game. Burnout Paradise's Producer Hamish Young was kind enough to answer IGN's questions.

IGN: To what extent are the crashes modelled on realistic physics versus 'Hollywood' physics? What's the difference between spectacle and realism? Are they one and the same?

Hamish Young: I think we have a good mix of the 'real' and 'Hollywood'. The car tumbling down the road is both. The game is maybe slightly on the more believable end of the spectrum that previous games. Also, seeing how the weight of the cars is much more realistic, the crashes have considerably more crunch.

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THC CELL4730d ago

games like this should knock some sense into people who speed

DarkSniper4730d ago

Dark Sniper expects Burnout Paradise to receive superior sales on the PLAYSTATION 3®.

Due to these sales, future iterations of Burnout will see the light only on PLAYSTATION 3®.


dhammalama4730d ago

13 million vs 6/7 million. The numbers aren't in the ps3's favor. Perhaps it will sell a higher ratio, but we'll have to wait and see.

unitedchaos4730d ago

I am not much of a fan for these kind of games, however it was quite amusing crashing into walls & cars. Good fx on the destruction! Try the demo on your console of choice before rushing out to buy.

i Shank u4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

is the tech too hardcore for crash mode and aftertouch/crashbreaker? :(

Extra Guy4730d ago

B:P was not as good as the previous games IMO, they just seemed so much more fun than this one. I'd have preferred it if the graphics were a lot better. After all in the racing genre graphics can add a lot to the game-play.