Gamekult review: Unit 13

If you were expecting a third person shooter carried by a rock solid screenplay, skillfully blending geopolitics and terrorist plots, you can stay away from this one.
It's a much more arcadey game than it looks, with a scoring system and a gameplay geared towards action and hard nosed combat. Dogged by faulty AI and a lack of environmental variety, Unit 13's single player shows its limits despite a fair amount of missions. Regardless of its failings, Unit 13 boasts solid coop and a good dose of action, two bulletpoints that might find the game an audience, since Vita gamers don't have many other options for now.

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Colwyn3534d ago

Unit 13 is a portable shooter that's meant to be a quick pickup and play shooter. It's not meant to be a story driven sort of game like a mgs. It's basically a fast pace arcade shooter with a score system meant for small challenges.

DigitalAnalog3534d ago

I can't help but notice the issue they're complaining about is the AI. For a tacticle based shooter, that's a no-no. Let's see what other reviews would bring. Strange how this review site tend to get early copies INCLUDING Gravity Rush!

badz1493529d ago

hit whoring review as always!

Ulf3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I think these guys missed the point... as usual.

Its fascinating how they contradict themselves. They were expecting the game to be something its not.. so they mark it down for not being a CoD clone. Then they go on to say it doesn't have great action... and then they go on to say it has great action, and that might be a reason to pick it up.


gtxgamer23533d ago

Unit 13 is a great game. I had fun with it at E3 when i went.

TheFirstClassic3533d ago

Well the 2 reviews in for this game so far have been a 9.5 and a 5.