Myst: P.Gamer Review - 'a real Marmite experience'

More than any other game, Myst is a real marmite experience. Despite selling over 12 million copies (including sequels), many hardcore gamers treat it with derision. "Where's the game?" they cry. "It's nothing but a glorified coffee table book," they complain, while others find its cryptic puzzles too hard. So much for 'hardcore', eh?

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Armyless4730d ago

That's like taking your hot girlfriend to a tent revival.

LJWooly4730d ago

DS = Worst. console. Ever.
Well, outside of Japan, anyway.

eclipsegryph4730d ago

While I'm afraid that I missed Armyless' reference, I think that the more Myst the better. It is a fantastic game which truly revolutionized a stagnating gaming genre. I have fond memories of the adventure game boom after Myst.

Regardless of what you think of the game, you can't deny its popularity and timelessness. I think the only other game which has sold more copies is The Sims. That's nothing to sneeze at.

eclipsegryph4730d ago

I'm not really too sure how you can consider the DS to be the worst console ever (are you talking just handhelds, or actual consoles? Damn, when the hell did handheld video game players get called consoles?), but you can't deny the marketing power of the most popular video game player being able to now play the second most widely purchased/loved game in the world.