Warner to attend HD DVD Press Conference at CES 2008 as a speaker

Don Lindich posted on Sound Advice on Thursday, December 20th, 2007:

Will Warner Bros. go Blu-ray exclusive at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show? There have been numerous unfounded rumors that they will, despite Warner Bros.' recent public statements to the contrary.

That scenario is looking extremely remote now, as Don Lindich has just received his press invitation to the HD DVD Promotional Group's Press Conference. Warner Bros. is clearly listed on the invitation. The PR agency confirmed that Warner Bros. is scheduled to attend the HD DVD press conference as a speaker.

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Multigamer4730d ago

they announce that its actually hd dvd they are going to support exclusivly

Grassroots4730d ago

lol, yes that makes all the sense in the world. Blu domination across the globe so Warner drops it. Yep.

wallace10004730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

"Domination across the globe"? Neither format has more than a small following. Across the globe, you make me chuckle.

EDIT: to the disagrees, you are dillusional if you think a few million players means a battle between two formats is over. Put aside what you want to happen in the format war and try to take an objective stance.

godofthunder104729d ago

how crazy can people be,just because br is selling more discs doesn't mean that they will choose br.if people think instead of being bias they will see that there is no company that went to another company just because they are selling more content at a certain time.
any one with a brain knows that they will look at how many stand alone players are sold,the price it cost to make them because the cheaper to make the bigger the profit for them,and who they think can win,not just what format is selling more disc at this time,hell beta had a lead over vhs and look who won.
people are saying that if they choose hd dvd then a lot of the other movie companies that just make br will probaly start making both format,that's why people are saying that if they choose hd dvd it will be a big blow to br.
Grassroots owns a ps3 and he's saying that the ps3 will win the console war even when the 360 is leading but now he's saying that br is going to win because it's leading,well you can't have it both ways,only one can be right .

UnblessedSoul4730d ago

Warner you have to choose a side sooner or later, make it sooner you stupid fools

nirwanda4730d ago

it not like programing for a console where there are cost involved hell they even use the same codecs half the time so they won't even have to re-encode anything they just bung it on a different disk you would be f-in stupid to choose sides and make less money

deeznuts4730d ago

That view may be shortsighted. What if they could choose a side (the one that is winning) end the war, which then spurs widerspread consumer adaptation, then increased sales, all the while reducing their lines which in turn reduces cost?

It's like saying Dell should adapt AMD so as not to lose sales, but doing so doubles overhead in some areas. And that AMD thing didn't work out so well with Dell now reducing AMD participation. Sometimes streamlined is better than having a hand in each jar.

ktchong4730d ago

Warner is not going to attend and speak at the HD DVD press conference and then drop HD DVD on the same day.

In fact, the Blu-ray people better check to make sure that Warner will also be attending the Blu-ray press conference at the CES... otherwise, it could be bad news.

titntin4730d ago

I agree. It unlikely they will chose either 'side' Why create enemies by being seen as the company that killed off a format? Why restrict your customer base when your already set up to sell to both camps?

Theres every reason to believe that HD DVD will naturally die off in the near future anyway, as it almost gone in europe, never started in Japan, and the sales ratio's are consistantly worsening in the US which is its strongest market.
No point in making corporate 'enemies' when a natural death for the format is looking increasingly likely anyway. I don't say that with any glee at all, if it does fail thats a whole bunch of people that will not be able to get there movies and will be unlikley to buy into new formats in the future.... nobody wins. But thats what happens when people can't agree a format.........

TANOD4730d ago

i agree with you

HD DVD might die completely in 2008 atleast in EU and JAPAN

Warner's defection /their decision to stay neutral will only prolong the HD war. It would become stalemate.

I am quite certain that after the disclosure of HD format sales of Harry Potter Warner will go Blu-Ray exclusive

Lucreto4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Well there part of the HD-DVD group so they would be on there. It is just like Paramount is still under Blu-ray supporting studios which change after they go to print.

In the Argos catalog they have GTA4 bundle out not but the game was delayed just as the catalog was released.

MaximusPrime4730d ago

this is going to be interesting.
I predict Warner will join Bluray. HDDVD figure just keeps falling.

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