Ace Combat 6: New content available

Atari have today released the details on the latest planes which are now available to download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation:

Mirage2000-5 – SCARFACE EMBLEM – (Free)
F-22A Raptor – MOBIUS – (200 Microsoft Points)
F-15E Strike Eagle – CIPHER – (200 Microsoft Points)
F-15E Strike Eagle – PIXY – (200 Microsoft Points)
A-10A ThunderBolt – XMAS – (200 Microsoft Points)
F-117A Night Hawk – THE IDOLMASTER YUKIHO – (400 Microsoft Points)

Description of all planes at source.

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DarkSniper4732d ago

PS3 version will be announced soon.


Lyberator4732d ago

Yeah. Right after Metal Gear Solid 4 comes to the 360.

titntin4732d ago

Its an utter disgrace that content that should be unlockable is being charged for. A total rip off.

I completed this game and unlocked - nothing, except a mode where I could restart with what I earnt already. This content should have been included with the game.

There is now a huge precident set, where a game developer 'keeps things back' from the games release simply so they can charge more money for them as a download later. Whilst the format is excusable for genuine extra content like large map packs etc, the whole concept of charging for an extra vehicle or two, is utterley despicable.

Bladestar4732d ago

Personally I will not buy any of this planes... but here is a question for you... on the PS2 how much content with magically unlockable... specially content that was no there.

These planes were not on the disc and were created after the game was already made. I understand that we all want all free... but the alternative is not having it at all.

here is how developers think of DLC... if they will not make any money on it... they rather not work on them at all... hell... developers will not even create a gamer picture or anything unless they can profit from it.

So, does it hurt me when I see developers selling content like this one? To me; if I don't find value they are non-existent... I ignore them...

Why werent complaining about this content 2 days ago? because you didn't know.. because as far as you knew they didn't exist... so, now just because you know about now it's bad?

i Shank u4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

hey i heard AC:6 has only 15 planes that come with the game? ace combat 2 on ps1 had way more planes, and unlockables. i was ready to throw down $150 on the flightstick bundle until i saw these planes up on the marketplace a few days ago. seeing them trying to nickle and dime us for fricking virtual planes after giving only 15 in the retail version sucks and drove me away from buying the game :(
God bless you Namco, the japanese EA

Vojkan4732d ago

NO Russian planes? Not interested than