Little gets behind 'Tekken' movie

Dwight Little has been set to direct "Tekken," a futuristic martial arts actioner based on the bestselling Japanese vidgame from Namco.
Crystal Sky Pictures is financing the film, which begins production Feb. 4 in Shreveport, La. CSP's Steven Paul and Benedict Carver will produce. Alan McElroy wrote the script.

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Doppy4731d ago

It can't be worst than Street Fighter of DOA.

GodsHand4731d ago

Or could it?
Only time will tell.

iNcRiMiNaTi4731d ago

she was a terrible kasumi. [yea i actually saw the DOA movie] kasumi is supposed to be hot but devon is butt ugly and doesnt have kasumi's...umm "pacakges".

killer_trap4731d ago

just leave the stupid bears out of the movie please.....and that wood character thing and maybe you'll end up with something good.

SMK0564731d ago

I sew Tekken Animation once n its sow ugly
ugly story ,ugly sound,ugly............etc

n the movie will be more ugly

MK_Red4731d ago

He has previously directed Anaconda 2 (Anacondas). Tekken is really not the movie material.

Anacondas maker + Tekken + Hollywood = Movie Disaster.