Videogamer Give Link's Crossbow Training: 5/10

Videogamer writes:

"There's something undeniably cheap about the Wii Zapper. When you hold it in your hands you're taken back to the days when all you needed to have fun were a few toy guns, make-shift bandannas and some commando rolls in mud. Add an extra 50p to the budget and you'd have water guns, making the danger all the more real. The problem with the Wii Zapper is that it offers none of the fun of these cheap play things, but sadly all the cheapness."

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DarkSniper4732d ago

Dark Sniper would like to encourage everyone to boycott games such as Link's Crossbow Training. The Nintendo Wii is an insult to true gamers who pour their blood,sweat and tears into their controller. How long will gamers continue to support the garbage known as the Gamecube update?

Dark Sniper wants all gamers to take a stand and abolish the Wii as it's an insult to all of your history of gaming.


LJWooly4732d ago

Don't be an idiot, Dark Sniper.

BTW, talking in third-person doesn't make you sound clever.

ambientFLIER4732d ago

ambientFLIER would like to encourage Dark Sniper to shut the hell up.

AllroundGamer4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

why even make reviews for Wii games?? casual (dumb) gamers (which are like 80-90% of Wii owners) will buy just any game...

Edit: bootsielon so do you think there is anything smart about buying games without reading reviews, to just pick up any game? and to pay for some couple of minigames a full price? therefor i used the horrible word dumb... ;)

bootsielon4732d ago

Had you not used the word "dumb". It was unnecessary. I don't think they're dumb, they're just not interested. Which is what makes the Wii and its games lame.

PS360WII4732d ago

No the Wii is not an insult to gaming. Gamers who feel they are better gamers for buying more expensive consoles insult true gamers.

Kareshi_X4732d ago

Well If The Wii is Not an Insult To Game Its Probably one Of The Worst Gaming Console of This Generation/I do find Some Wii Game Fun 2 Play/But You Cant Tell Me Wii is The Best Thing Out There Right Now With 90% Of The Titles Scoring 7 and Under out of 10 buddy

CadDad4732d ago

Honestly, if you are insulted by a game system it's probably time to retire as a gamer or at least re-evaluate why you are a gamer in the first place. I've never been insulted by movies, books, or music either, maybe I'm the weird one who doesn't take these things so seriously.

I play games to have fun, all game systems have that capacity. The Wii caters very well to a very large audience for a very good reason, with or without you being happy about it.

Then again, maybe I'm a "fake" gamer. ;)


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