Videogamer: FIFA Football Review (PS Vita)

Videogamer: Modelling FIFA Football after FIFA 11 isn't a bad thing, but in doing so EA has released a game that fans of FIFA 12 will find hard to play if they're going to continue playing the latest version. On one hand it's undoubtedly the best handheld football game I've ever played, delivering a true home console experience, but it's also a step back compared to FIFA 12.

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MultiConsoleGamer3573d ago

I'm going to pick this game up at the Target sale this weekend. Great review.

DonnieDarko3573d ago

I'm concerned at no L2 and R2 buttons. Can you do remote play from ps3 to vita with FIFA 12?

fluffydelusions3573d ago

I think read touchpad acts as l2/r2