Top 5 Game Series That Should Be Movies writes, "Okay, so video games and movies don’t exactly go well together. Whether it starts as a video game or a movie and transitions to the other side, you’re more than likely to be very disappointed."

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Ramon3MR2435d ago

MGS makes the most sense. Also wouldn't mind a God of War epic, Uncharted or Zelda movie.

Moncole2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

No game series should ever be a movie not matter how good the game series is it will be a bad movie. It may look good on paper but it won't be good on the big screen.
When ever they make a movie of a game they have to make it so every one will enjoy it and not just the fans ad that's why they always turn out bad.

BigBoss19642434d ago

Oh hell no Hollywood is full of incompetant director's that don't like the way the game story is handled and they think they can make it more interesting and then the movie becomes a travesty (I'm looking at you Paul Anderson, Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat)

Pozzle2434d ago

Heeeeey. Mortal Kombat was a good a cheesy 90s sort of way.

The sequel though...*vomits*

vader12312312434d ago

I think Uncharted would make a great movie. It's already an incredibly cinematic game. It'll be like a modern Indiana Jones.