Toys even Santa can't find

It's the most popular gift that you can't buy.

The Nintendo Wii, a video game console that was an unexpected hit last Christmas, has been in short supply all year.

Now, with just four days left to shop, even the country's largest specialty electronics retailers are acknowledging they won't be able to meet demand this holiday season.

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Account deleted4731d ago

but sadly for nintendo hardcore fans they can't even get their hands on the console. a friend of mine is searching for one since a long time and couldn't find one without an inflated price or a mega-mega bundle
it's sad knowing that he owned all of nintendo's consoles even the unpopular gamecube,and now when nintendo is popular again it backstabbed him
a true drama,, they should make it into a film
:p :p :d

lynx1halo4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Exactly ...... a TOY

Hey its my two favorite posters on this site!!!!!! How have you been gentlemen?? Having a great day?? lol pathetic

sidar & ItsDubC

" " " " The Copy and Paste Brothers" " " "

ItsDubC4731d ago

"Right on cue" yet again...

ChickeyCantor4731d ago

"right on cue! Wii-boys....."

He's a Wii-fanboy alright

wiizy4731d ago

plenty of wii's are available now... to sony and microsoft fanboys despair