Machinima- Twisted Metal Review

Machinima- You know how you might stumble on some dumb action movie from your childhood—like, say, Demolition Man—and you’ll still watch it all despite the fact you can see clearly how stupid the movie is? There’s tons of violence, cheesy one-liners, car chases, and a plot that’s basically window dressing to allow the characters to get into fights where lots of shit explodes? That’s exactly what playing the new Twisted Metal remake is like: dumb and gory, but fun as hell, and hard to stop playing, even when you know better.

This is a stupid game. It’s about cars that shoot each other until they die. If you’re looking for a game that will suck you in with a compelling narrative and deep, strategic gameplay, look elsewhere. But if you’re a fan of dumb, loud, addictive fun, you could do a lot worse than Twisted Metal.

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