IGN editor married to Nintendo PR executive

From " has been able to confirm that IGN Nintendo editor Matt Casamassina is married to Golin Harris Vice President Edie Kissko. Golin Harris serves as Nintendo's PR firm. Sources connected with both Golin Harris and were able to validate this information. While VGMWatch has no interest in personal affairs, undisclosed conflicts of interest plaguing the game industry's integrity cannot be ignored. To that end, there are several journalistic red flags surrounding the facts of this case."

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Multigamer4730d ago

we will have to watch for ign reviews for nintendo, even tho they did hack nights

sbf20094730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

NiGHTs isn't a Nintendo game. They don't need to sell third party software, they'd make more money selling "higher rated" first party games. NEVER TRUST GAME REVIEWERS.

Prismo_Fillusion4730d ago

IGN's been the most respectable video game site for well over a decade. This won't change anything.

nanometric4730d ago

Nintendo- good, or no sex for you :D

nanometric4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

women power

EDIT: I'm at work, but I can :D

predator4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

cant watch it, at work

Edit: Lucky bugger lol

Mr Marbles4730d ago

That video was good, good stuff indeed. Good thing for us, most women nowadays are so busy trying to be men, they have no idea how to use that power. Plus, since so many women these days are so "sexually liberated" it cheapens their P power to the point where men like myself dont have to fall for the P Power because there will always be 10 more sluts giving it away for nothing, behind every girl who actually values herself and knows her powers.

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shrimpboat4730d ago

I don't see a problem because IGN is pretty fair and balanced.

TruthbeTold4730d ago

I somewhat understand the beef that this hadn't been "Disclosed" but it's not as if this is a government agency we're talking about. Anyone who's read Cassamasina's reviews and other work knows that he's a professional. If there had been some shady instances over the last few years or so then that would be one thing. But this is just a slime piece, fueled by the instant hype of the "Aha! So-and-so is married to so-and-so" disclosure.

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The story is too old to be commented.