Some of the Features in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Are… Touching

'We've been spending some time with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, the Vita port of the PlayStation 3 action game that bears the same name.

It's basically just Ninja Gaiden Sigma with a few new features.'

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I so can't wait for next week Vita in the house!

suicidalblues2438d ago

It's basically just Ninja Gaiden Sigma with a few new features.'

So, its basically just a PS3/360 game in your hands!

Way to downplay it, kotaku.

Dark112438d ago

Bubble up + .. well said.

ronin4life2438d ago

Ninja gaiden sigma is just a slight upgrade of Ninja gaiden on the original xbox with bonus content.
It is not really a ps3/360 level game.

blumatt2438d ago

Trollin' for life? haha

The Vita speaks for itself. It's the best handheld out yet. The games will come in the following months and people will see how good it really is.

SSultan2438d ago

The Vita is not going to do well.

DG902438d ago

And what do you base this on??

SSultan2438d ago

Gut instinct. There isn't even a substantial amount of hype. And it's a handheld that isn't made by Nintendo. Let's be real.

GribbleGrunger2438d ago

you require hype? do you require an injection of adrenaline every morning so that you can muster the strength to eat your breakfast too?

Hype comes from being informed.

DG902438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Nintendo went years in the handheld market with zero competition they built a reputation of being the king of handhelds.. & i don't think it will change anytime soon even though i believe VITA will start to sway people towards Sony handhelds but kids mainly buy handhelds & which company MAINLY caters for younger generation?? I don't even have to say who... Sony isn't going to be able to beat Nintendo sales wise when they have only released TWO handhelds PSP(All the PSP changes was merely cosmetic changes same with PSP GO) & PsVITA but in raw power.. graphics & features Sony has beaten Nintendo's handhelds easy game wise. Bottom line VITA is an amazing machine & it will do well.