Medal of Honor Heroes 2: P.Gamer Review -'Surprisingly Credible'

There are so many WWII games on the market now that we're approaching a point when it will take as long to play every one of them consecutively as it took for the war itself to transpire. During WWII, military casualties are thought to have reached around 25 million, while virtual casualties in single-player and multiplayer gameworlds must top that every weekend.

In a crowded sub-genre, no game has spilled more Axis blood than Medal of Honor. Despite the series' longevity, however (and if you'll allow us a momentary diversion onto home console territory in order to make our point), it's telling that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is at the top of several 'game of the year' lists and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is, well, just another Medal of Honor game.

Which isn't to say it's bad. On a platform not known for its success in the first-person shooter genre, Heroes 2 is a surprisingly credible effort, with a comprehensive set of multiplayer options accompanying a solid by-the-numbers single-player campaign. The downbeat tone of this review has more to do with the game's lack of ambition than with any fault it might have.

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