Review: Stunning Graphics, Addictive Combat Elevate ‘Final Fantasy XIII-2’ -

CHICAGO – “Final Fantasy XIII-2” takes an adjustment. It’s not that distinct an experience from other “FF” games but gamers currently handling “Modern Warfare 3” or “Skyrim” addictions will have to get accustomed to a very different gaming style. The first couple hours, heavy on cut scenes and with a first level that seems frustratingly juvenile and pedestrian, disappointed me. And then “FF III-2” got its hooks into me. Give it time. Get used to not just the changes within the “FF” franchise but from games you’re used to playing. You’ll probably fall for “FF XIII-2” like I did.

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no_more_heroes3060d ago

They certainly improved the final boss battle over XIII.

khellendros13060d ago

I'm finding it so hard to stay away from this game. I've been playing FF since the beginning but I didn't enjoy 13. I didn't like the battle system and 13-2 has it too. Still, I want to give it a try. I may just rent it first.

iamtehpwn3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

It's worth the try. While the battle system is the same at it's core, the improvements to paradigm shifting, The Monster system, the ability to change party leader midbattle, MogClock, the length of battles, and Paradigm tuning (Gives you some slight AI control over paradigms) makes XIII-2's combat a lot better than XIII's. You can also turn off auto-battle...which also a feature in XIII, but it seems not many people knew about it.

You also don't have to stagger enemies anymore to kill them. In fact, I usually kill most enemies now long before staggering them. So you won't spend 15 minutes just trying to stagger an enemy any more.

silkrevolver3060d ago

It’s better than 13. Hands down. However, the storytelling still leaves a lot to be desired. The very basics of the story are solid, but explaining everything via paradox is... terrible. Some of the songs, particularly ones with lyrics, are weak and often annoying. Lastly, the majority of the game was simply too easy for me.


The battle system is much improved. Much faster.
The paradigms are much more interesting with the added monsters and with your being able to customize Noel and Serah via individual roles.
The lack of linearity is fantastic.

If it weren’t for a few too many weak points, I’d call this a return to form (though, to be honest, I liked XII and XIII, so besides the uber weak XIV, I didn’t think Square was going bad).

8~9/10 for me.

no_more_heroes3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Agree about the songs. The lyrics are unnecessary. The songs would have sounded so much better without them, especially Colliding Worlds (which I am listening to at time of posting this comment) and Historia Crux. Crazy Chocobo feels like someone is taking a diamond-tipped jackhammer to my ears.

NatureOfLogic3060d ago

I think the Crazy Chocobo makes sense when you think about it, plus I grew to like it a little after hearing it so many times.

GraveLord3060d ago

It is better than XIII in some ways.
But I preferred the linearity of XIII since I always knew where to go.

Hicken3060d ago

What's this? Another good review for the sequel to the FF everyone loves to hate?

Glad to see it.

I have to say, it doesn't hold my attention like past entries did, even XIII. But I'm not finding much of anything to complain about, either, so I'm good.