A Trip Down Internal Memory Lane: How Playstation Changed the Game

Kotaku: Gran Turismo, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor—remember how excited you were the first time you played these now prolific games, fueled only by Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew? Back in 1994, when the original Playstation hit the market, kids everywhere began spending countless hours with their buddies, trading off controllers after getting sniped while toggling through weapons. Inevitably, the kid who owned the system would always play the longest because they knew what they were doing, until eventually a brawl would break out and everyone would get sent home—ah, the memories (single tear).

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edgeofblade2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Yay, just got my ass banned from Kotaku for calling them out on their poorly written, disgustingly inaccurate puff piece of a sponsored "story".

No really... they get dates, hardware features, and games off by a year or completely wrong. It's disgusting that a site like Kotaku ran such a post, ad or not.

So long Kotaku. I remember now why I don't like you.