Backwards compatible Xbox games showing up on Gamercards

Knuckles Dawson informed Xbox 360 Fanboy that backward compatible Xbox games are now showing up on Xbox 360 Gamercards after the Fall Update. The games do not appear on Gamercards, only on the 360 itself (under the Games Played tab in the Games blade.) The games are listed with the notice "0 of 0 Achievements." Also, only games you've played since the Fall Update will show up.

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Xbox 360 Fanboy speculates as to why the old Xbox games are showing up on the list.

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Capt CHAOS4731d ago

I suppose, but where is my Cell Damage? huh?

iNcRiMiNaTi4731d ago

future updates to major titles with achievements?

Capt CHAOS4731d ago

Let's face it, those titles are over 2 years old and why increase the plan on those titles via achievements when time/effort could be spent elsewhere..

sheng long4731d ago

hip hip hooray! oh wait, this means absolutely d1ck to me. now my friends can see i'm playing an old a$$ game.

Marceles4731d ago

And they'll probably wait for you outside so they can kick your ass

"Hey, I saw you were playing Psychonauts" *hard stomach punch*

ReBurn4731d ago

My guess is that the downloadable Xbox games are going to feature achievements as an incentive to get someone to buy them for the second time, so Xbox games will need to show up somehow.

bootsielon4731d ago

It'd be awesome to get achievements. That would persuade Sony to add trophies to PS1 games and PS2 games in the future. Gamers win. The only one to not follow suit will be Nintendo, which just proves they don't care about advancing videogames, only about the bottomline. (BTW, Not all corporations care *just* about the bottomline, even though they do, so don't give me that crap)

Eclipticus4731d ago

not caring about advancing videogames? um whats the wii? its advancing videogames beyond the norm.

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The story is too old to be commented.