Reality Fighters Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Launch line-ups are typically full of games that try to show off exactly what the new hardware is capable of, even if they sometimes fail to do so with aplomb. It is very unusual that any new console receives a truly stellar array of games on day one. As we saw with the Nintendo Wii, which arguably only delivered the goods to hardcore gamers in the last year or so of its life, sometimes it can take ages for a console to achieve anything like its potential.

In the time I have spent with it, the Vita has delivered on at least one count: console standard gaming on the move. With flawless online elements and exquisite aesthetic emulation of their big brother counterparts, the superb Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom and Uncharted games certainly live up to this billing. But there is much more to this new handheld than sheer technical muscle. You have a wonderfully huge screen, perfect touch pad, two cameras and the mysterious rear touch panel to play with, just for starters. When you marry the control schemes and camera wizardry to the motion control capabilities of the unit, there are a wealth of possibilities. What better way to demonstrate just what it can do, than with a customisable one-on-one fighting game, starring the late Pat Morita of Karate Kid/Happy Days fame, in his classic Miyagi guise?"

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