PS Vita: The Ultimate FAQ

With all eyes on the PS Vita’s US launch date of February 22nd, we wanted to begin providing definitive answers to your many questions about PS Vita. Behold: The PS Vita Ultimate FAQ! Of course, this list of Frequently Asked Questions is only a start and certain details are still being finalized. Rest assured that we’ll continue to update this FAQ leading up to launch, integrating new answers to your questions and additional details as they are verified and confirmed.

Read on to get answers to your questions regarding PS Vita, covering everything from the specs of the state-of-the-art OLED screen to support of Bluetooth peripherals and more. And remember: Please leave your burning questions in the comments and we’ll address them in a future update.

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zeddy2462d ago

who's getting one? i would but im poor at the moment.

lashes2ashes2462d ago

Can't get one... I already got one. Really,really enjoying it.

darthv722461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

i saw that one of my questions was answered (video out) but there is still one unanswered. That is, will the vita support digital copies of movies that you get with todays blu/dvd releases.

Sony movies had an option for the psp but unfortunately there are more studios out there than sony so it was all about itunes or windows media. The vita should play either format but no word on the DRM supported.

As for the video out, that is a shame when you look at previous models offered it. I have a GO and like that option of putting it on the cradle and picking up a sixaxis controller and playing the games/videos on the tv.

Perhaps there will be a revision that supports that but I can understand their decision to remove it. The idea of the vita is a "hands on" not a plug it into a tv and use a controller.

Still though, it would be nice if the vita would upscale games/vids to 720p on a tv. Vita 2000 series maybe.

edit: after reading through the list of psp/mini games supported i noticed 4 of the ones I like to play arent on the list. Mod nation racers, super stardust portable and killzone liberation and resistance retribution.

MNR and Stardust i can understand as there are vita specific versions but no killzone or resistance.....? Well, it did say the list would grow over time so there is still hope.

AceofStaves2462d ago

Mine arrived this afternoon.

Pixel_Enemy2462d ago

Loving mine right now.

I have Uncharted, Little Deviants, Virtua Tennis, Modnation, Super Stardust, Escape plan and God of War Ghost of Sparta (psp).

KevPC2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I'm so jealous, really thinking of ordering one but can't decide on wifi or 3g/wifi.

stunkilla2462d ago

ign showed a easy way with a ipad on youtube or you can use ur smartphone as a hotspot for your vita way more easierXD

himdeel2461d ago

I am getting one. Just trying to decide if I'm going to trade in a few games to cut the price by $50. I REALLY expect the price to drop by $50.

Either way I really really want one and expect to have one by the end of March.

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Tenkay232462d ago

Can't wait for my preorder! I wish PsOne classics were available at launch so I could play FF7, 8, and 9 on the go but I'm to happy to be finicky!

BX812462d ago

Damnit! I cancelled my pre order, so I could wait till they come out with a slimmer model but I'm heading to Afghan in a couple of weeks so looks like I'm gonna buy it now. The vita looks great but has some hic ups from what I can see. None the less I will be enjoying uncharted while filling my real life kill count! Can't wait!!!!!!

LolololRumz2461d ago

I don't think I'd want a slimmer version, it feels just about right for me. Except my fingers don't rest on the pads either side of the rear touch pad, but that's always a problem with having larger hands

Luc202462d ago

Will take it on my holiday to egypt and apart from playing games gonna use skype to call frends for free! Most hotels offer free wifi.

Canary2462d ago

I was excited for the Vita for a while. Not so much any more.

Zero support for PS1 titles? Limited support for even digital PSP titles? I can understand why it's being outsold by its predecessor in Japan: in most respects, the PSP seems the superior product.

dragon822462d ago

I can assure you that the Vita is the superior product. I have owned every version of the PSP and the Vita is by far the better product.

tiffac0082461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

If I'm not mistaken you can play the PS1 games that are available on PSN on a PS Vita and Sony has already rolled out a number of compatible PSP games for the Vita as well (and plans to expand it).

So I'm not sure if you can consider that a lack of support, maybe not enough from what some are expecting this early in the Vita's life cycle.

And at this point in time, it should be logical for the cheaper PSP with a huge library to beat the PS Vita in Japan.

tiffac0082461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Meh I totally forgot that the PSOne support for the Vita is not yet ready yet this time but they do plan to support it, it seems.

So we'll just have to wait for future updates.

Canary2460d ago

Sony is the king of empty promises. Especially when it comes to backwards compatibility and digital offerings.

Xof2460d ago

Er... you are mistaken. Canary is absolutely right on this: the Vita cannot play ANY PS1 titles, and it can only play SOME digital PSP titles. That's a lack of support. The PSP can play more titles from the PSN, is cheaper, and doesn't have any of that proprietary bullshit holding it back.

tiffac0082460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


You must have missed my second post then.

For me its too early to judge this lack of support issue since Sony seems to have plans to add the PSOne support and more PSP titles down the line. If down by then we see none of these, then we can declare its bullshittyness.

As for the propriety thing, it has been a problem of Sony for a long time but if it worked on the 360, then just follow the business that works. Sad to say this is not a charity.


I rarely go digital, so I can't say anything about that but we'll see on the backwards compatibility if this holds true or not for the Vita.

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