PS Vita 3G Bundle pre-order leads Wal-Mart sales

Sony Corp.'s Playstation Vita 3G / Wi-Fi Launch Bundle led pre-order sales at Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s online division this week prior to launch of the handheld.

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Dante1123070d ago

Nice. Getting mine on the 22nd.

Misterhbk3070d ago

Definitely worth the buy man. What games are you grabbing? I HIGHLY suggest Rayman Origins if you want to see how amazing bright colors look on the Vita.

nyobzoo3070d ago

same, already picked up MvC3 and Hot Shots Golf for Vita

fei-hung3070d ago

Pre ordered mine today for the 22nd. Do u know if the uk get the 6 AR cards aswell?

Waddy1013069d ago

Yeah the UK get them as well, the contents of the box is almost identical apart from we get a 3-pin wall plug because that's what's used in the UK.

Tripl3seis3070d ago

i really cant wait for the vita im getting uncharted golden abyss and wipe out 2048!!!

Kurisu3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Uncharted and Escape Plan for me! (UK)

Waddy1013069d ago

I'm getting Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048 and Rayman Origins. I can't wait till wendesday.

Summons753070d ago

So close yet so far from the launch. Thinking about getting Shinobodo 2 or Dynasty warriors, can anyone let me know if that is for sure on the launch day?

lashes2ashes3070d ago

I'm playing uncharted and escape plan right now. Then little deviants when I get bored. Stuped welcome park trophys are hard.

chadzer3070d ago

Ive had mine for 2 days.
Worth every penny.

Uncharted looks AMAZING on it. Hoping they put MP on it like theyve been talking about.